Leah and Isabel

I really don’t think I’ve said enough about Leah and Isabel. For all they’ve done for me, I mean I don’t think I would have lived through these last few months without Leahs constant guidance, and Isabels *ahem* comic relief. So I jus want to say Thank You so, so much for doing all you do, every day. And this doesn’t mean youre off the hook, I still need your friendship, okay? Please don’t punch me in the face


Thought Train

Random Thoughts

Because I couldn’t come up with an Idea for a post today, I think I’m just going to write down all the ideas that pass through my head.

Well, I am really wishing I was with Kylie lately, because I’m tired of watching Kiana and Brian, when I used to be like that with Caroline. Now dont misunderstand me, I’m fine with Them being together, it’s just I’m not okay with not being with Kylie. She’s really driving me crazy. She always has something to say, but never wants to say it, like she’s afraid her tounge will get burnt. And I can’t help but think that whatever shes hiding is the only thing between “me” and “us” but hey, live and let live.

It sure is dark ’round here, I’m writing this at 1101 at night, and my parents have already gone to bed. So all the lights are out, but my mom turned off the Internet before she went to bed, so I got no contact with the outside world.

Finals today were pretty good, we had Science and English today. The English was a breeze, but Science was fairly difficult.

You know what quote I like? “I wanna live like it’s the nineties, like it’s a tv show, there would be problems, but we could solve them, on next weeks episode” it strikes a chord in me that not a lot of songs do; true desire for peace.

If anyone is thinking bout getting me a birthday Present, here’s what I want:
1) Give Up; the Album by the Postal Service.
2) A paperback copy of “Stargirl” by Jerry Spinnelli
3) Ocean Eyes, the Album by Owl City
4) Thoughts of June, by Owl City
5) ITunes Gift Cards
6) A cool NeckTie. I like Purple, Gold and Black.

Back to Kylie, last weekend, she sent me the link to this song called “Lucky” by Jason Mraz, it’s about two lovers, and the chorus starts “I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend” and she, the day before, tried to get me to say I was her best friend. She’s been dropping hints like this a lot recently, but when I talked to her about it, she just does the I wanna say it, but I don’t wanna say it thing. So annoying, and frustrating. Recently all our conversations have been the same, and when she complained, I didn’t know how to make them better.

When we were going out, Caroline used to talk about how I had a song with everyone but her. Well, Caroline, here’s the song, Nothing Better, by the Postal Service. Hope it lives up to your expectations.

Dominick, who has been littering this blog lately, is a guy who hates me, and believe me, the feelings are mutual. We can’t go a day without cursing eachother off. But anyway, he is going out with Alexa, who is a popular girl at school. That beings us to what I call the clique. They’re a group of students who always stick together, and all get on my nerves. Because none of them are really all that. Alexa, kind of the ringleader, is friends with Leah and Isabel, who are best friends, and are in almost all of my classes, they’re pretty much the only cool people in the Clique. Also, theres Katerina, who is quiet and nice. Also, there are two eighth graders, Conor and Lexi, who I hate because, although they can be funny, are really, really, stupid. Add Dominick to the Equation, and you get a group of obnoxious, (except Isabel and Leah) and spoiled kids. Who gossip wayyyy too much


If there is one thing I’m deadly afraid of, its Fire. Not just regular fire, like a campfire or a match. I actually like those, but burning buildings. See, I had this dream when I was a little kid, that my school was on fire.  I went in, to save my friends, but i was caught under a burning support beam on the ceiling. It crushed my legs and I was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Now thank god this was just a dream, but that feeling of total helplessness killed me. The fact that I couldn’t get out, because this thing was on fire, an unstoppable force. It stayed with me, and now I’ll never be a firefighter

Back To Studying!


The Highline

Hey guys,
Today I went into the city to go to the old elevated train tracks that they’ve converted into a boardwalk sort of thing. It’s really cool, and as the weather gets warmer, it’s a nice thing to do on a hot summer day. There are plants and trees, and benches. If you go down 10th avenue in NYC, there is an entrance on 18th Street West. There is this sort of theatre that is raised up above the street, with a glass window looking out onto the street.20110528-073345.jpg


If there is one kind of art that I really love, it’s photography. A painting, or sketch can never catch a person or thing exactly as they are. Theres always a pose, or a predestined message  that the artist wants to convey. Not photographers, they show things perfectly. If a boy sits beneath a tree, he is doing just that, he isn’t staring at the “wonder” of a dragonfly. The mere fact that the boy has been caught in such a positon is wonder in itself. Photography is meant to show the quiet beauty in life, the corners of the world that one can only find if you aren’t looking, just wandering. Photographers are magical, they are born with the special Sight, the ability to find small wonders.

If any of you have cool photos, you can attach them to an email, and send them to me at rtorin11@aim.com If I like them I’ll post them on my Photography Page

Later, Ray

My Friends

These is a comprehensive list of my friends, dont be disturbed if you notice most of them are Girls, i have guy friends at camp, but they wouldn’t want me blogging about them.

Angelina- A part of my adopted Buckley Family, My favorite adopted sister. Really cool, but needs a                     guiding voice sometimes. Also a genius.

Kiana- In our adopted Family, twin sister of Angelina. She’s been friends with me since, what? 5th               grade? (feel free to correct me Kiana) She is also in need of a good voice to show her right                     from wrong. The truth is that I need her more than she needs me. She has a respectable                       boyfriend named Brian, who makes an absolutely fantastic test dummy for fight moves. If                   she decides to start a blog, I’ll put up a link to her site.

Jessica- My older Adopted Sister, a wonderful and Bubbly person. More of my guiding voice.                                Awesome.

Brian Pierce- Hooked me up with my first girlfriend. Pretty cool, but can get just a little                                               obnoxious.

Cole- A really nice and funny jock, a nice guy who is totally non-judgemental.

Jacks- Pretty much the same person, I’ll refer to one of the as Brusco. They both are Jocks who                   think they’re all that. Really only Brusco knows how to make a real joke.

Kylie- You know her

Caroline- My exgirlfriend, and Brian Pierce’s real cousin. Very down to earth. Loves horses, rides them all the time, and I wouldnt be suprised if she sleeps with her horse guidebook

Memorial Day Fair

Hello Everyone!
This coming Monday, there will be a fair at the Cathedral in Garden City. If you’re interested, there will be tons of vendors, and a beautiful campus to walk around. In Garden City, go West down 7th street, and make a left onto cathedral ave. You cant miss it!
Thanks, Ray